Journey to Homecoming

“Homecomings are not just about fun and entertainment. Homecomings are moments to reminisce the past, to strengthen bonds and brotherhoods, and to renew our commitment to our alma mater that gave us our education and values that brought us to where we are now.”

– Arnold Arnaez, Batch 1992 President, Don Bosco Technical Institute, Victorias City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Each year, a lot of people who graduated in a school discuss one way or another plans for their 25th Anniversary (Silver Jubilee) especially when they are close approaching that anniversary year. Our batch was no exception.

The year was 2018, around April when a meeting was called with my batchmates to discuss our homecoming plans for the 2020. This was actually a special meeting to get a vote on if we will be having our homecoming in 2020 or not. After dinner, a discussion was opened with each opposing side presenting their reasons ranging from having no time to commit, difficulty in raising funds, not worth the effort or just not happy with the way the school is run currently. On other hand, the other side wanted to continue the tradition, seeing batchmates and alumni and just having fun.

When everyone was heard, each one raised their hand for their vote. The Yeses were a few more than the Nos. We will be pushing through after all but with a divided batch.

I, personally did not want to lead because of the commitment involve but I am willing to help whoever will lead the batch. Unfortunately, nobody wanted the position and somehow I did not have a choice. I have to step up if I want the homecoming to push through.

In the next few months, I exchanged ideas with the Yeses regarding fund raising, our theme and our plan in general for the homecoming. I reached out with the Nos and try to understand their position and somehow meet halfway. Along the way, there were a few Yeses who faltered while some of the Nos tried their best to help out.

After a few meetings trying to hammer down plans on both sides, a month before the homecoming turnover, we finalized our plan. Our homecoming will be a tribute to our Teachers and Personnel who were with us in our 12-year journey in our school. We hired a program director/event coordinator who will help us along the way. We also prepared our financials so we would know our monetary target and adjust our plans accordingly.

I could not be happier seeing a plan come into fruition after a tumultuous start. Although it is just a plan as of now, it is a development in a positive direction. The year 2020 would be a test of how united this batch could be in implementing the plan. I am hopeful that we will be able to carry it out and make our journey to our homecoming to be memorable for us, our family, other alumni and the school community.

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