Our Batch Shirt Design

My wife Lyn is self-taught layout artist / designer. She loves doing this stuff and can spend a lot of time just doing it. Initially, she was using Gimp on Windows. However, when she moved to Mac, she fell in love with Photoshop. This is really a great advantage for us as now we do not need to wait for anyone to design something for us.

SJI Batch 95

The initial logo we created for the batch was based on the theme of our Yearbook which was Colours. Our school color is usually blue so we settled on the Royal Blue color. We wanted to have it on a polo shirt as it looks formal and presentable compared to a regular t-shirt. We also decided to have it embroidered as the regular printing would not look good unless we use sublimation which will make the shirt more expensive. Below is our initial design.

My batchmates liked it but wanted to see other options. During this time, we have already interviewed a program director who can help us for our event. Our initial concept for a Teacher’s Got Talent seems to be doable and also something new to show. So we had the design created that is in line with our theme.

One of our batchmates has an embroidery business so it was easier to get some mock up samples especially the logo sizes before doing more quantities. We also wanted to have a silver thread but the closest we could get was off white. Tip: Work with a batchmate who has an embroidery / printing business so it would be easier to have something done and also you may be able to get it at a lower cost.

Canossa Batch 95

One of the main advantage of both of us preparing for our alumni homecoming is being able to reuse the same idea!

Lyn has a batchmate who has a t-shirt sublimation business and had a nice sample of a t-shirt design. Using the same idea on the logo on the upper right and at the back of the shirt, she created the sample design below and that t-shirt created a big impression during their Alumni Homecoming Turnover.

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