Our Homecoming Team

In any kind of organization, an organizational chart with specific roles and responsibilities is necessary for a smooth functioning of the team. Our Homecoming Team is no exception.

After reviewing several organizational charts, both Lyn and I came up with the organizational chart below.

Each box represents a committee (except the chairman and vice-chairman). Each committee will be headed by a chairman with members under him/her. The Executive committee is composed of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the heads of the Secretariat and Finance Committee. Below is a list of roles and responsibilities. It is not comprehensive but could be a starting point. Feel free to add more specific to your team.

Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Committee (Execom)

  1. Recruit and organize different committees for the homecoming.
  2. Oversee the different committees.
  3. Serve as the liaison between the school and the batch.
  4. Track reunion execution by keeping notes on the experience to pass on to the next batch.

Secretariat/Membership Committee

  1. Track batchmates and their current affiliations to help leverage for batch activities, sponsorships and talent pool.
  2. Decide on a strategy and schedule to contact batchmates as a whole or individually.
  3. Encourage batchmates to join activities through SMS, email, phone, social media or face to face.
  4. Reach out and invite other alumni in different year levels for the different batch activities.
  5. Collect and manage all shared photos and videos by the batch.
  6. Coordinate registration process for the homecoming.

Finance Committee

  1. Work with membership committee to collect pledges from batchmates.
  2. Work with Ways & Means to collect money from solicitation and sponsorship.
  3. Coordinate financials for fund raising activities and provide pre and post activity financial report.
  4. Coordinate financials for the homecoming expenses.
  5. Provide quarterly financial reports.

Program Committee

  1. Prepare ceremony (ex. Mass, In Memoriam, Awarding, etc)
  2. Prepare production and audio visual presentation.
  3. Coordinate with Logistics for production requirements.
  4. Coordinate with Yearbook/Souvenir program head (if you will be having this)

Ways and Means Committee

  1. Prepare and send out solicitation and sponsorship letters.
  2. Plan, evaluate and propose possible fund raising activities.
  3. Spearhead solicitation and fund raising activities.

Marketing & Promotion Committee

  1. Promote batch activities through online (social media, website, etc) or offline (tarp, posters, etc)
  2. Manage batch/alumni page.
  3. Create and design artworks for letterhead, souvenirs, t-shirts and other items.


  1. Coordinate with production design and construction.
  2. Coordinate with sound, lights and LED.
  3. Prepares general layout for the area such as tables/chairs, food/beverage placement, booths.
  4. Coordinate with cleaning services to make sure event area including restrooms are clean during and after the event.
  5. Responsible for ground security, emergency medical technician, transportation and electrical power needs.

Food & Beverage

  1. Evaluate caterer options and decide on food options based on budget.
  2. Request beverage sponsorship or purchase beverages that can accommodate expected number of alumni.
  3. Coordinate with Logistics for setup.

Community Service

  1. Prepare list of areas for community service.
  2. Plan out details on what needs to be done.
  3. Schedule date for community service.
  4. Coordinate with Membership to invite other batches.
  5. Coordinate with Finance for expenses.
  6. Coordinate with Marketing & Promotion to spread the word.

We hope that you can apply this for your homecoming as well or you can adjust accordingly to fit your needs.

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