SJI Homecoming Turnover

Our batch had a blast in celebrating homecoming of SJI Batch 94 with their theme of L.I.F.E (Living In Full Extent) and their different international presentation (Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Filipino) from their entertainment, food and drinks. Kudos to Batch 94!

At the end of the program, the banner was passed on to SJI Batch 95 as hosts for the 2020 SJI Alumni Homecoming.

My Acceptance Speech

Thank you Batch 94. Thank you for the celebration of LIFE, the friendship, the happy memories we have in this school and outside and most especially for the sumptuous food and drinks!

We, the Batch 95 accept the the baton for the 2020 Alumni Homecoming. As an invitation for everyone, we have prepared a short video for our plans next year. Enjoy!

Our Video Teaser

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